Watch a full Newborn session with me, Natasha Ince. I shoot 8 newborn images and 7 family images, including a lying down Mamma & Me image, Mamma & Me wrapped in tulle, Baby in Daddy’s arms and various other family portraits.

Running Time: 1 Hour 49 Mins

In this video you will be able to see how I run my usual Newborn sessions collecting 15 quality images for my client. You will get an insight into my workflow, lighting, posing and styling. I explain in detail where my light has to be positioned for these shots and give you as much information as possible on how I make these sessions run smoothly and efficiently.

Please be aware there will be no editing in this session. The best thing about this video is that you can see how I interact with my clients and how I set up the poses and lighting. As a bonus I also show you how I wrap my newborns and dress them to make sure I can get the images as quickly as possible.

I hope to inspire you and help you on your journey into becoming a more confident Portrait Photographer. All the time we are being taught how to pose and light our subjects but we rarely see how it really goes in a real life set up; this is what this video will show you, along with in depth explanations of how I go about each pose.

Some parts have been sped up so you don’t get bored 🙂

Any persons wishing to purchase this must live and work outside of a 60 mile radius to DY3 1RW (if living or working in the UK) and not train photographers yourself. All purchases will be checked before links are sent out.

Any recording of this session will be strictly prohibited and against copyright laws. This content and information is for personal use only and should be not shared with anyone else. It is illegal to share this content with any other person.

I really hope you enjoy it!
Thank you
Natasha 😍

This is a digital product so unable to offer any refunds or exchanges